Always room for a kitchen garden!

Your own kitchen garden. You really don’t need a large garden or a lot of space. Wherever and however you live, there's always room for a kitchen garden. With the right products and a little help from elho, you can magically produce vegetables, fruits and herbs from your own garden for your table, before you know it! We’re happy to tell to you how to make your kitchen garden a success.

A fertile kitchen garden with the grow table

The first step is to determine the possibilities. Do you have a spacious garden, with enough sun and not too much wind? Then you can spend as much time and energy on your own growing as you like. But, if you have cold, wet soil and hungry insects, it often makes your growing more than difficult. Therefore elho has developed something for it: the green basics grow table. This table has a nice working height, which means that you and your kids don’t have to sit on the ground when gardening. In addition, you can better keep an eye on the growth of your seeds and give your plants an improved chance of survival!

Sowing, repotting, harvesting! 

As with all success stories good planning is the basis. To help beginning mini-gardeners elho has put together a handy grow calendar. That's how you know exactly when and what seed to plant, re-pot and harvest. Success guaranteed! The possibilities of kitchen gardens can’t be covered in one article. That is why we have written an inspirational booklet for enthusiastic growers. Inside the booklet we tell you, step by step, how to keep your vegetables, fruits and herbs glowing with health.

Tips for your kitchen garden

Tip 1: Note the temperature
Growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs in a seed tray is the fastest way to success. The lid creates a pleasant microclimate in which seeds feel completely happy and grow quickly. But be careful! The ideal growth temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees C. An environment that's too hot isn't good for seeds. Always ensure good ventilation.

Tip 2: Seeds drown in too much water
Of course, your seeds need water to grow. But don’t be over enthusiastic; too much water can cause your future harvest to drown. Especially at the start it’s important to work carefully. Give your seeds a little water every day, instead of a lot at once.

Tip 3: Roots need room
Although you don’t see it, lots of things happen in your soil. Carrots grow faster than you think and soon the pot they’re growing in is too small. When your plant is between 4 and 6 centimetres tall, it’s time for a larger pot. Do you see the roots coming through the pot? Then you’re already too late.

Tip 4: Step by step outside
Have your seeds grown into plants? Then it's time to get them acquainted with the fresh air. Still, don’t take this step too quickly. In general, considering the temperature, April is a suitable month to move your kitchen garden outside. Do this step by step. Let the plants get used to it by only taking them out during the day at first. After a week your plants are ready for the final move outside.

Good tools are half the work

At elho we love green. Growing your own vegetables and herbs is delicious but we go one step further. Namely our green basics-collection is ecologically friendly. All products are made of recycled plastic, which has been given a second or third life. Within the collection you will find exactly the flowerpots, seed trays and grow products that fulfil your kitchen garden wishes. Whether it's a drainpipe, balcony, wall or railing; make your own kitchen garden twice as durable and get growing with elho!