A small garden

Many people have a nice, spacious back garden. But that’s not true for everyone. Certainly when you live in the big city, you often have to make do with you’ve got; especially the size. What makes your small garden, patio or balcony look bigger? We're happy to help you on your way with some smart and fun tips!

How do I make my garden or balcony look more restful?

Good riddance to bad rubbish! One of the most important ways to make your small garden look bigger is  restfulness. Just like in your home, tidy up your stuff. Put things like bicycles, containers and toys out of sight by making a fence or a hedge, for example, or build a cabinet around your container. You can also store other items in there and then that boring brown or green bin is out of sight. Also, match the colours of your planting with your accessories. If you use too many different colours you quickly create a chaotic effect. Choose one style, with one colour or coordinating colours. In the corsica, barcelona and loft collections from elho you’ll find a wide range of colours. There is always a tint to match the colour style of your home and your garden.

Vertical gardening and a matching decor

Another handy way to give your small garden or your balcony a green or colourful look is vertical gardening. Use the fence, wall or ground to stack pots and tubs or to hang them up tiered. Despite the fact that you use less space, you can display a lot of plants or flowers. This also looks a lot tidier than a bunch of different flowerpots. Another handy tip to create calm is to choose a few big flowerpots instead of lots of small pots. The elho pure round flowerpots really let your plants live and with their unique design and broad colour palette they're an asset for any interior or exterior decor!

Lighting in a small garden

By using good lighting you can make your small garden look bigger in the evening. If you’re smart you can even create different spaces. For example, place spots under a tree or create a flowerpot with a lamp in it. Not only do you make your balcony cosy, for example, but you also save space. Specially developed by elho the pure twilight is a unique planter with a light hood for more ambiance. You can also put your plants in the spotlight with the flowerlight. And, there's more: for instance, in the pure collection you’ll find a wide range of stylish flowerpots and planters with led lighting. A design you can really enjoy during the day and in the evening!

Various handy tips in a row 

  • A winding path makes your small garden look bigger 
  • Lay large garden tiles at an angle for a visual effect or choose differing paving
  • Make use of repetition
  • A little vista in your garden will make the whole thing look bigger
  • Use horizontal planks for the fence to make your garden look deeper
  • Paint the back of your garden darker for more depth or lighter for more width
  • Always keep your garden or balcony tidy