A green welcome as a calling card

Everyone thinks it's important to make a house a ‘home’. It's the place where you and your family can really relax, a place where you greet friends and family, and a place where everyone feels welcome. But guests get their first impression of your home and interior at the front door. And this entrance is often forgotten. We are going to do something about it! We’ll give you tips for a green welcome and an unforgettable first impression. Welcome home!

A playful, striking and colourful entrance

A nice way to turn your entrance into a green welcome is to attach wall planters to the outside wall. Make a dull wall a bright wall by potting colourful spring flowers like Violets, Primulas and Daisies in the green basics wall basket. Have your flowers bloomed out? Then replace them easily with other seasonal bloomers, so your front door exudes atmosphere throughout the year. Give your entrance a playful look by writing your house number with chalk on the wall or on a wall basket. Or stick your own sticker design on your flower planter!

No bare fence or unsightly wall 

Give a bare fence or an unsightly wall stylish colour with the corsica wall basket. Combine different baskets, plants and flowers to create a playful effect. Due to the handy drainage tube in the planters your plants won't drown. Moreover, the water falls straight down, leaving no green patches on the wall. The fast and level hanging of the loft urban wall basket is a piece of cake. Just like maintaining it. The convenient water reservoir stores all the excess water. A green welcome with ease!

A green welcome: classic, rural or modern 

Does a stylish, large flowerpot better suit your home? Then the allure collection is exactly what you're looking for. The classic shapes make these flowerpots a real eye-catcher for every entrance. This flowerpot combines plastic and wood fibres to create a natural, soft look. Do you have more space at your front door? These pots are a beautiful setting for a Buxus, Hortensia or Rhododendron, for example. Do you prefer a rural style? Then the green basics cylinder and green basics square are exactly what you're looking for. Choose a flowery green welcome by placing two pots next to each other.

A front door that stands out: during the day and evening! 

Those who really want to be distinctive can choose the torino campana square and the square high to create a symmetrical 'alley'. These unique pots, which are great for plants or small trees with a somewhat more substantial clod, have a professional base for the optimal aeration and drainage of every plant. These eye-catchers give every entrance a green welcome and, before you know it, the neighbours will also be fans. How nice is it to colour the street together with beautiful ficuses and ornamental grasses? Even if it's dark in the evening, you can still make your front door or patio noticeable. The pure straight LED light combines stylish design with atmospheric LED lighting.

Easily banish that boring drainpipe 

A green welcome is not only reserved for a spacious entrance, stone staircase or front garden. A drainpipe next to your front doors the perfect place for drainpipe clickers. This way you not only banish that old drainpipe but also create a cheery atmosphere in a place where it's absolutely not an unnecessary luxury. Drainpipe clickers are quick and easy to install. Place different planters above each other and before you know it, you won’t see anymore of that boring drainpipe!