Technical questions

Does the app collect my data while using it?

No personal data will be collected, besides the e-mail address, you have created an account with. Anonymous analytics will be collected to improve our products and services. Click here to review our privacy policy and terms and conditions of using the elho app.

Does the pure smart work with Google Home, Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa?

At this moment, integrations with smart home platforms are not developed, but this might be an option for the future.

How can I reset the pure smart?

You can reset your pot via the app settings. If this doesn't work, re-plug it from the socket 6 times in a row, with an interval of 3 seconds in between.

Technical specifications

Check the table below for the technical specifications:

How does the pure smart work?

Both the pure smart and the elho app are connected with a secured cloud server. In the first setup, a connection is established via a wifi direct protocol in order to connect your smart LED pot with your home wifi network.

What type of networks does pure smart support?

The elho pure smart works via 2.4GHz wifi, which is common for most wireless devices. Please make sure you use a 2.4 GHz wifi router once connecting and make sure that your smartphone on which the elho app is running is connected to the same network. 5GHz wifi is not supported.