Product details

Planting in the pure smart LED pot.

Your pure smart purchase includes an inner pot for the plant that you want to put in the pure smart pot. We advise you to cover the edges during the placement of your inner pot. That way you make sure your new pot doesn't get dirty. The inner pot has holes in the bottem, that way excess water can leave the pot.

The pure smart pot can be placed outside or inside. If you the pot is outside you have to remove the small cap inside the pot so excess water can leave (for example during heavy rainfall) trough the drainingsystem in the pot.

Can I use my pot outside?

Thanks to the drainage system and the waterproof LED-module you can put your pure smart pot outside without a worry.

Is the pot frost resistant?

All parts are frost-resistant, up to -20°C. You can use the pot care-free the entire year around outside.

What is the warranty period?

We guarantee 10 years of warranty for the pot and its parts, and 3 years for the LED module.