Pure smart led

Technical questions
Does the app collect my data while using it?

No personal data will be collected, besides the e-mail address, you have created an account with. Anonymous analytics will be collected to improve our products and services. Click here to review our privacy policy and terms and conditions of using the elho app.

Does the pure smart work with Google Home, Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa?

At this moment, integrations with smart home platforms are not developed, but this might be an option for the future.

How can I reset the pure smart?

You can reset your pot via the app settings. If this doesn't work, re-plug it from the socket 6 times in a row, with an interval of 3 seconds in between.

Technical specifications

Check the table below for the technical specifications:

How does the pure smart work?

Both the pure smart and the elho app are connected with a secured cloud server. In the first setup, a connection is established via a wifi direct protocol in order to connect your smart LED pot with your home wifi network.

What type of networks does pure smart support?

The elho pure smart works via 2.4GHz wifi, which is common for most wireless devices. Please make sure you use a 2.4 GHz wifi router once connecting and make sure that your smartphone on which the elho app is running is connected to the same network. 5GHz wifi is not supported.

Setting up the light
What will happen if I switch to another home or wifi network?

You will have to follow the installation steps again in order to help your pot re-connecting to the internet.

The pot is showing a green light but is not connected to a device.

The WiFi connection might have been disabled during set-up. Turn the pot off (disconnect power) and turn it back on to retry connecting the pot. If the problem still occurs, please check if other smartphones are connected to the pot and disconnect from the pure smart network.

I can't find 'elho-pure-smart' in the wifi settings.

Try to re-search for wifi networks on your smartphone (by switching wifi off and on) and re-plug the pot. Turning your wifi off and on again might help as well. If this doesn't succeed, you can try to reset the pure smart completely.

Product details
Planting in the pure smart LED pot.

An inner pot with watering holes is included for a beautiful equal distribution of the light. There is no need to drill holes because of the watering system with a plug.

Can I use my pot outside?

Thanks to the IP44 certified adapter, the pot can be used safely outdoors in all weather conditions.

Is the pot frost resistant?

All parts are frost-resistant, up to -20°C. You can use the pot care-free the entire year around outside.

What is the warranty period?

We guarantee 10 years of warranty for the pot and its parts, and 3 years for the LED module.

App features
Can I control my lights when I'm not at home?

There is no need to be connected to your wifi network after initially setting up the connection, as long as both the pot and the app are connected to the internet, you can control your pure smart.

I forgot my elho app account password

In the elho app, you will find a button that sends you a reset link to the e-mail address you've signed in with.

I do not see my timers in my app

Please double-check if the pot is connected and online. We store the timers on the device so that they will always work, even if you are not at home. Once your pot is connected your timers should be visible.

Using multiple devices to control lights.

It is possible to use the pure smart light from multiple smartphones. You can share your connected account with friends and family so you can all control the smart light.

How can I create favourite colours?

Select a colour via the sliders 'colour' and 'brightness' and press the plus-icon in the 'my colours' section to save your colour. You can even include it in a timer setting to create a schedule with your favourite colour.

I want to re-name my pure pot.

You can edit the name and type of your pot in the 'my smart pots' section in the app settings.

Can I operate the pure smart with more than one smartphone?

It is possible to use the pure smart with several smartphones. The account connected to the pot can be shared with friends and family so that everyone can operate the pure smart.

How can I create my own timer schedule?

You can add up to 8 timers within the app to create your own schedule to match your pure smart with your mood. You can find the timer settings via the menu at the upper right of the elho app.

Getting started
What do I need for pure smart to work in my home or garden?

To be able to access all of the pure smart functionalities you need an iOS or Android smartphone, a wireless internet connection, and your favourite elho pure pot of course.

How do I install the pure smart?

Please make sure to place the pot within range of a working wifi router (the pure smart will find wifi networks in a range of 15 meters) and follow the installation steps in the app or in the instruction video below.


Where can I find the elho app?

The app is available for iOS and Android. You can find it on Google Play and the Apple App store, or simply click on the image below.

What is a smart LED light and how does it work?

The pure smart lights up your home and garden easily, directly from your smartphone. The pure smart can produce 16 million different colour tones and a great variety of white tones, from cool daylight to warm white. It can be controlled via the elho app, which can be downloaded for free.