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elho Purpose

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B. Corporation

We, the elho group, are incredibly proud to be a Certified B. Corporation as of January 2021. Certified B Corporations™ are companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. This B Corp status comes with an explicit responsibility: to keep the world a livable, healthy and safe place for future generations. We feel a strong responsibility to do good across our total global supply chain, with nature and our people always in mind. We will, together with our team, continue to develop and contribute to a greener world and connect as many people as possible with nature.

ethe beauty of waste: elho fuente

Waste, for elho its sheer beauty. That’s because elho uses recycled plastic to create beautiful designer pots. Discover elho’s new fuente collection: Made of 100% recycled plastic ♻️. elho, give room to nature.

the beauty of waste: elho vibes

Waste, for elho it is pure beauty. Because we make the most beautiful design pots from recycled plastic. For example, our latest indoor family vibes consists of 100% recycled material. We are proud of it!

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