let us introduce ourselves. we are elho, a 60-year-old family company. our dream? to inspire as many people as possible to bring nature into their daily lives. because nature makes you happy, healthy and boosts’ your energy

designers manifest

we 💚 designers & green creatives

especially those who share our purpose to give room to nature. if this is you then we love to invite you along our little green movement.

we want to make one thing super clear ⚡

because of this love for nature, we produce with nature in mind. meaning: 100% recycled plastics, 100% renewable energy & 100% dutch design & production.

we use our business as a force for good

since we are a proud b.corp certified company. so if you have designs or concepts that give room to nature? we will be the first to support you & your creative intellect.

what are we looking for?

well it doesn’t have to be a pot...but it has to be elho and it must give room to nature. oh yes and obviously 100% recycled materials 100% Dutch production- & design.

what’s in it for you?

we really like building attractive partnerships as done with e.g. studio robert bronwasser, Daphna Laurens & studio bas van der veer.

care to join this little green movement?

please reach out. we’ll get back you asap. to discuss ideas, concepts, designs & talk business. since we 💚 to grow together!

still curious?


elho purpose video


the beauty of waste: elho vibes


b.corp video


the beauty of waste: elho fuente