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We might already have a direct answer to your burning question! Please see if your question is listed in below overview. Of course you can also watch the videos on our YouTubechannel for useful product instruction videos..

If you cannot find your answer here, please use the contact form to contact our customer service team.

  • Where can I buy elho products?

    Use our store locator to find the closest shop or most interesting webshop. We cannot check whether a shop has a product is in stock. Therefore, we recommend calling the shop or garden centre in advance.

  • Where can I buy a specific elho product?

    Elho only sells to companies and unfortunately cannot see in our sales system whether a product is in stock at a store. We therefore advise you to search the details of a local store using the store finder and to call the store beforehand.

  • How do I find an Elho product's price?

    Our products are directly delivered to 3500 shops all around the world. These shops determine their own retail price.

    Do you have a question regarding a product’s price? Please call a shop in your area. With the help of our store locator you can easily see which shops in your area sell elho products.

  • Can I subscribe to your inspiration guide?

    Our inspiration guide is made exclusively for elho sales points. We are therefore unable to send it to private individuals. However, you can view the Inspiration Guide online.

  • It freezes; can my pot endure this winter weather?

    The elho outdoor, green basics and pure collection can endure winter temperatures up to -20 degrees.

    Freezing water expands which is why your pot could break. Therefore, make sure to drill small holes in the bottom so that excessive water can flow off. The whole loft collection is intended to have small holes. 

  • How long are my elho products under warranty?

    We provide 3 years warranty on our products. If there are unexpected problems with your elho purchase, please use the contact form to inform us about the issue. Attach a photo of your purchase voucher please and we are going to help you as soon as possible. 

  • I lost my product’s instruction manual. Where can I get a new one?

    If you lost your product’s instruction manual, you can download it once from our website. Go to our collection and search for the product for which you want to download the instructions. On the product’s page, you will find the button “instructions”.

  • How do I remove the sticker from my product?

    We always try to avoid it, but if a sticker proves difficult to remove from a product use a hairdryer to warm it up. This is likely to make it much easier to remove it.

  • My white pure pot has some black specks. What should I do?

    Due to the handmade process, pores are one of the characteristics of this product. Pores are small pins on the surface of the pure and are more sensitive for filth in the environment. How can you prevent this? The following instructions will help you to enjoy your white pure.

    We advise you to never fill your white pure to the border with potting soil and cover the border while filling your pure. The end result will be a perfect white pure product!

    What if your pure pot does have some black specks? By using the special cleaningsets for the pure collection, your pure will be clean in a second. Use our contact form for requesting a cleaningset.  

  • Can I put my Pure outside too?

    Yes, it's perfectly okay. But don't forget to drill through the pre-drilled holes on the inside of your Pure (the Pure Soft High Light and the Pure RainDrop (Mini) do not have pre-drilled holes).

  • Oops! I have lost my fixators, what now?

    Have you lost the fixators from the flower bridge? These are the braces that allow the flower bridge to hang from the railing and that can sometimes get lost.

    Use our contact form to let us know which flower bridge you have and we will send you new fixators free of charge. 

  • Plants love saucers! Which pot matches which saucer?

    If you are looking for a matching saucer for your plant pot, use our saucer table

  • Mix and match the right support for your balcony container

    Match your plant pot for your balcony with the right balcony hook from balcony support. We are glad to help you with the right match. Go to our catalogue to make a choice! 

  • How do I make sure my pure stands firmly?

    Pure products with a raised bottom can be filled with sand for more stability. The cover that you can use is included by the pure. You can fill the pure by putting it on its head and filling it with sand using a cone.

    After having filled it, you can place the enclosed cover in your pure pot. The cover is designed in such a way that excessive water can flow off. So you do not need to drill extra holes in the bottom. How handy!

    If you lost your cover, we will send you a new one free of charge. Use our contact form to ask for a new cover. 

  • How does the water reservoir of the loft collection work?

    The whole loft collection has a built-in water reservoir. This reservoir makes sure that your plants never get too much water, which keeps your plants healthy!

    The water reservoir collects the overflowing water. If it rains, your plant’s roots should not stand in water. Instead, the water should be stored in the water reservoir. The excessive water flows off via water pipes. You do not have to drill holes in the loft products yourself as we have done this for you.

    In short: The plant’s roots never stand in water but can access the water in the reservoir if necessary. We love healthy plants!

  • How do I use brussels herbs?

    The brussels herbs are designed in such a way that they can be placed directly into a plant container with a diameter of 13cm to 15cm. Therefore, you do not need to replant your herbs. How handy!

    If you want to combine different sizes and forms of plant containers, then the brussels herbs station is perfect for you.

  • What is the maximal width of my balcony rail if I want to install the flower bridge?

    All flower bridge 30cm, 60cm from elho are suited for a rail of 6cm max. With the help of the from us provided, handy fixators you can safely attach the flower bridge to the rail. This is easy!

  • How do I hang my hanging basket up?

    Hanging up your hanging basket is easy peasy. Take the three black braces from the pot and throw them away. Then click the hanger from the pot’s edge to the specified strip on the edge. Your hanging basket is ready to be hung up!

    In order to make it even easier for you, we made this instruction movie. Please watch our instruction video here

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