• Johan Hendriks Employee Maintenance & Repair Moulds

    "Friendly, family man, amicable, aquaria, go-getter, food&drinks"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you like to work at elho?"

    Because I have a lot of variety in my job and there is a great and social atmosphere between the colleagues. I can contribute to the great quality of our extensive collection. This ensures no day is the same and that makes elho a fun place to work.

  • Paul Cools Teamleader Moulds

    "Enthousiastic, honest, laughing a lot, carnaval, friends and family, music, festivals, cafe racers, oldtimers, aquaria"

    Personal Question:

    "What makes you feel comfortable at elho?"

    As a team leader, I have a lot of responsibility, but this is combined with the trust that you get and the collaboration with people who strive to an even better and more beautiful product as well. This makes is so cool to work at elho.

  • Mark van den Hout process engineer

    "Football, sociability, snowboarding, films, going on vacation, ambitious, having fun"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you like to work at elho??"

    Because I have a challenging job where I can make use of all the ambition I have. I am part of a nice team where we laugh a lot and we can be honest with each other. Next to that, we aim to improve our products and processes every day, to make sure our customers can enjoy our products even more!

    It is never boring at elho, every day brings something unexpected, exiting or simply fun, next to the growth we are going through with the company and all te challenges that flow from this. 

  • Rick Boer employee technical centre