• Susan van Beurden Assistant Planning

    "Family, friends, shopping, sociability, cooking, tennis"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    The fast growth we're experiencing means we're constantly developing and no day is ever the same. The environment is inspiring because of the beutiful products. Elho really is a company with an open culture. Besides that, we have a great and social team. What more could you want!

  • Christian Bos Demand Planner

    "Friendly, social, snowsports, sailing, running"

    Personal Question:

    "How does elho support your personal development?"

    Elho is a creative, modern company where product experience plays a major role. Elho has set a clear vision and an ambitious target for the future in this growing market. To realize this, processes and people should be continuously in development. This is what makes my work challenging. 

  • Michel Zoontjens Supply Chain Planner

    "Eager to learn, percussion, badminton, race cycling, skiing, motorcycle."

    Personal Question:

    “What makes you proud at elho?”

    Elho develops and produces fantastic products that find their way to the customers through a solid marketing strategy. To enable this, large investments are made into the wellfare of the employees.

    Motivated colleagues who have lunch together every day in a nice work environment and work together on a fantastic product, that's what makes me proud. 

  • Jan de Jong employee masterdata

    “Perfectionist, simple, optimist, humor, sociability, football, friends, music, loves the smell of petrol and rubber, hopelessly in love with the City of Tilburg”

    Personal Question:

    "Why is elho one of the best brands in the Netherlands according to you?"

    I like it very much and it makes me proud to work for a Dutch brand that's able to compete on the international level as well. It is also great to see that this brand is still growing and therefore increases its fame. When customers look us up on the internet they can see that elho does not only make great products, but takes great care of its employees as well. That's why everyone here is willing to ambitiously work together to create and keep more and more happy customers. We are elho!

  • Marieke Vissers Administrative employee planning

    "Social, sporty, go-getter and traveling."

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel good at elho?"

    I feel comfortable here because the working environment is great.

    Elho provides me the space to develop myself and the hard work-fun ratio is great!

    Besides that it is nice to be part of a young and close team!

  • Evelien van der Zwan supply chain planner

    "Passion for traveling, social, open, friends, cheerful"

    Personal Question:

    "Which elho product stands out for you and why?"

    All elho products exude cheerfulness because of the trendy colours and the creative shapes. Nothing beats the feeling of spring and summer that the elho products bring to your home!

    However, the Pure range really stands out for me. Beautiful clean design combined with nice, muted colours that make a wonderful addition for everyones house or garden. 

    The light-up pots also belong to my favourites.

    In short... If you don't know our Pure range yet: take a look at our assortment. I'm convinced that you will be as enthousiastic about them as I am!