• Emma Helleman product manager

    "Traveling, running, enthousiastic, shopping, Burgundian, eager to learn, friends, family, creatieve & snowboarding"

    Persoonlijke vraag:

    "What makes you proud at elho?"

    Elho is a young, dynamic and energetic company that really listens to their customers and consumers. A lot of love and effort goes into the creation of the, colours, innovations, and eventually, the new collection every year, so we can launch the beautiful new collection! Naturally, fun shouldn't be lacking. No day is the same and I think that if I state that I wear a smile to work every day, a lot of colleagues would agree with me. "we are elho" and we're allowed to be very proud of this. For me personally it is a great source of pride to be part of this fantastic, driven elho team.

  • Floortje van Brakel event manager

    "Enthousiastic, cheerful, making things happen, shopping, traveling, skiing, hockey, tennis, cooking, sociability!"

    Personal Question:

    "Which elho products stands out and why?"

    Elho has too many great products to mention! But my real favourite is the Corsica flowerbridge. I think it is a wonderful idea and it is ideal when you live in an apartment, like me. Therefore, I have brightened up my balcony with multiple Corsica flowerbridges. It looks first-rate and modern., helemaal top en modern. For me, this is a product that makes you wonder why it wasn't invented before! It's so great you can put it over your balcony instead of hanging them, and they are available in all those fun colours!

  • Irma van Bavel Assistant Marketing

    "Social person, sun, tapas, terrace, creative, impulsive, piano, festivals"

    Personal Question:

    "What makes it fun to work at elho?"

    I go to work with a smile because elho is a social, dynamic, energetic and fresh company. My job entails a lot of different tasks. No one day is the same, it's very various work!Besides that, we have a beautiful working space, every offica has elho products filled with lovely plants and flowers. These plants create a cozy feeling and this is a sizeable contribution to the positive atmosphere.

  • Jasmijn van der Linden Product Manager

    "Magazines, stubborn, sharp, music, drinks, sociablility,  pinterest, curious, jack-of-all-trades, I love detail"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you go to work with a smile?"

    Great colleagues and all the awesome things we make as a team to inspire our customers and consumers. Everywhere I go, I check people's windowsills, gardens and balconies so I can spot yet another one of our beautiful products! even after working hours, you're still thinking about it. 

    Every day we give our all and try to come up with even more improvements. I wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Jill van der Ven Assistant Marketing

    ''Sociability, friends & family, enthousiastic, go-getter, open, football, snowboarding, going on vacations, drinks & shopping"

    Personal Question:

    "What makes working at elho fun?"

    The challenges, the variety, the organising and being creative are all reasons I go to work with a smile. I often get the question: "What is it that you do exactly?", but it is impossible to answer, because I do so many different things it would take me 30 minutes to tell you about it! No day has been the same for me! I ended up in a wonderful team, with enthousiastic and social colleagues, in a great working environment and atmosphere!

  • Marjolein van Duffelen Product Manager

    “Cooking, photography, design, reading and creativeness”

    Personal Question:

    "What is your best exoerience you've had with an elho customer?"

    Once, I had been chosen to perform a test with the grow your own concept at a customer in Tilburg and they were over the moon that we chose them. They gave us a warm welcome and all the help we needed. The best thing about this kind of activity is that people tell you all kinds of stories about your products. It's very nice to hear and a good education. We thanked this customer by treating them to a delicious cake!

  • Patty Willems PR/CR Manager

    "Family, friends, running, tennis, cooking, shopping and magazines"

    Personal Question:

    "What are you most proud of at elho?"

    I have been working at elho for quite a number of years now and I have witnessed an enormous growth. I couldn't have imagined that synthetic pottery would turn out to be so popular! You get a big boost out of hearing all the enthousiastic reactions of the national and international press, of reading the publications in magazines and to see elho featured inwell-established gardening programs on the tv. Our collection is incredibly colourful and we are able to add many innovation every year, for me it's great to enthuse both domestic and foreign press. I am a teamplayer and I feel completely at home with my creative colleagues in the marketing department.

  • Ragna Ferwerda senior product manager

    "Family, friends, dancing, music, series, loyal, creative, love life"

    personal question

    " Which product of elho stands out for you and why?"

    Personally, I am a huge fan of the nice products of the pure family. before I worked at elho, I already was a fan of the pure round; a stylish replacement of the normal flowerpot everybody knows. currently I am surrounded by all the nice products of elho every day. all these lovely creations with their happy colours and nice forms inspire me to make sure that we can keep surprising our customers with new products.  

  • Sophie Jansma interim projectleider marketing

    "lovely family and friends, Burgundian, far travels, sports and work"

    Personal Question:

    "What makes you wear a smile to work?"

    I go to work with a smile because our marketing department is very energetic. The results we achieve are visible in all collections and communications, which makes you feel that your expertise and your opinion are appreciated.