Green thinking 

Elho loves green. Not only the green of the beautiful plants we make pots for. We also love to make the world a little bit greener.

To do this sometimes it means big thinking. In 2016 we realized to build a wind turbine. This wind turbine allows our company to generate 100% of its own energy. See how we generate our own energy at elho. Other examples of thinking green are driving electric cars and our trucks run on biogas to make the transport of our goods and ourselves as little a burden for the environment as possible. 

Being green also means thinking differently on waste. Our packaging is recyclable and made out of recycled materials too. We are very proud to tell you that 42% of our raw material is recycled. Sometimes green thinking is about the smallest things, for example our custom made roof: there’s more daylight in our building, which reduces the energy we use for lighting with a vast amount. 

We also think about the flora and fauna. In collaboration with the local township, elho has placed special herbs on the terrain, which will stimulate the development of threatened bee species. We also build a beehive maintained by Marcel the beekeeper. See the elho beezzz live in their natural environment. Last but not least, we hope that in the future, we can offer our customers the possibility of returning their old products to us, which will be used as raw materials for our new products. That’s how we aim for a greener company in a greener world.