aqua care

The ultimate user-friendly watering system for your plant. Fill the plastic ball with water and in the corner of the pot stick it into the soil, down to the roots. The aqua care supplies the right amount of water, as soon as your plant needs it. This means the plants grow faster and moreover, stay in top condition! For extra convenience the aqua care is shatterproof and has a broad spout meaning it won’t get clogged up with soil. 

The aqua care looks after your plants whilst your away on holiday. Now that’s handy!

Available heights
29.2 cm

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Full overview: aqua care
Description Breadth Height volume Colour
aqua care transparant 8.8 29.2 0.3 71393
aqua care eggplant 8.8 29.2 0.3 71393
aqua care lime 8.8 29.2 0.3 71393