pure straight high LED light

The design of pure lighting creates more atmosphere for an evening at home and you will enjoy the summer nights even longer. The special lighting products are made especially striking by the sleek design and are ideal for combining with plants. You can set the intensity of light using the switch, to match the setting you want at create that particular moment.

Good to know
Resistant up to -20 degrees frost 
Suitable for IP63, IP65 and 220-240V
CE trademark
5 year guarantee (upon submission of your receipt) 
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 
Instruction manual included, 
includes an easy insert planter for easier planting, 
includes a 4 metre cable.

Available heights
80 cm | 102.5 cm

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Full overview: pure straight high LED light
Description Breadth Height volume Colour
pure straight high LED light 40 transparant 39 80 20 71393
pure straight high LED light 50 transparant 50 102.5 41 71393