Elho concept

The success of elho is based on five elements. we offer more specialism. we deliver more innovations in a wide assortment. we offer more reliability. we deliver more marketing support and we offer more sustainability. we do this for our clients, for the clients of our clients and – with regard to sustainability – for the world around us. 

We offer you and your customers more

The success of elho is based on five elements.

- More specialism

- More innovations

- More reliablility

- More marketing support

- More sustainability


More, more, more

More specialism

We know the market like no other

The absolute specialist Elho concentrates 100% on synthetic pottery and related products.

Total control Elho guarantees perfect quality by controlling the entire supply chain.

Optimum market knowledge More than 4,000 shops throughout the world!

Success guaranteed Elho’s specialism has been a guarantee for expertise and continuity for 50 years. 

More innovations

innovation is embedded in our dna

Complete assortment Elho offers you optimal sales opportunities by providing a wide range of standard and innovative products.

Dynamic product range Elho offers you a minimum of 50 innovations each year. This is how we keep your assortment dynamic and interesting for both you and your customers.

Always the latest colours Elho is the trendsetter in the field of colour.

Efficient and effective purchasing You only need one supplier for your complete assortment. 

we love to innovate

More reliability

we do what we promise

Optimum delivery assurance Elho guarantees you a delivery rate of at least 98% and in-stock availability of 99%. 

Uncompromising quality control Thanks to our uncompromising quality control system we deliver accurately and without errors. The number of reported errors based on the number of order lines is less than 0,3%! 

No empty shelves Thanks to our rapid delivery time of just five days throughout Europe, empty shelves are unnecessary. This is how elho guarantees you optimal sales opportunities. 

Your warehouse is our warehouse Because of our reliability you no longer need to hold stock in your warehouse. This results in considerable space savings for you and an optimal return on your invested capital. 

More marketing support

the best support to inspire your customers

Attractive products & communication Elho offers both attractive products and effective communication. This includes attractive labels, booklets and great packaging, all featuring the Elho brand.

Optimal shelves We help you to organise our products on your shelves. Attractively, efficiently and effectively. We draw in your customers with tempting promotional materials.

Enticing displays To encourage impulse buying, we offer a highly comprehensive range of promotional materials and permanent displays to be used in addition to your shelves. 

Inspiring your customers at home Elho’s inspiration does not stop in your shop. You will find us in magazines, on the television and, of course, on the internet. We are seeking out the press and the press is seeking out elho. So don’t be surprised if customers come to you and ask for our products. 

inspire your customers

More sustainability

we like to be the most sustainable company in the market

We recycle plastic Why should we make new plastic when we can recycle old plastic? 40% of our pots are made from recycled plastic. That percentage continues to grow year after year.

We save energy  By using natural sources such as daylight, outdoor air and our own wind turbine (2016), we save copious amounts of energy. We have also invested in energy-efficient, hybrid production machinery. 

Our packaging is intelligent We package our products as intelligently as possible. We use recycled and lighter bags. As much as 60% of our cardboard is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

We go further Our sustainability performance is better in 2016 than it was in 2016. And in 2017 it will be even better. That’s a promise.