green basics growhouse

Growing your own plants and vegetables is totally hip. The green basics growhouse makes growing even more fun! Perfect for growing your own herbs and keeping in the kitchen. Also perfect for growing cuttings for vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers. 
The box consists of three elements: the box, the growing tray and the dish. Comes in two sizes: small and medium. 

Open the vent on the box for improved air circulation and increased oxygen to stimulate plant growth.

Available heights
12 cm | 12.5 cm

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Full overview: green basics growhouse
Description Breadth Height volume Colour
green basics grow house small transparant 24 x 17 12 71393
green basics grow house medium transparant 35.5 x 25.4 12.5 71393
green basics grow house long transparant 50.6 x 19.2 12.5 71393